Indian Wedding Invitation Quotes

Indian Wedding Invitation Quotes – Wedding ceremony is one of the important event in the whole life. So, there must be something special on that special day. Sometimes people will take certain theme for their wedding. One of the recommended theme for wedding is Indian wedding style. There are many unique ornaments that can be used for your wedding. For instance, you can add Indian ornament for your wedding invitation. To make it more having Indian look, you can take some Indian wedding invitation quotes. In some way, you can put the quotes in Indian language or even in English. Both of them is effective to make your wedding invitation more attractive.

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

There are many ways to get Indian quotes on your wedding invitation. However, you have to match the words in quotation so that there will be no something awful on your wedding invitation. For the first, you can make an Indian wedding invitation quotes for friends which has beautiful meaning on it. Since you make that wedding invitation for your friends, it must be more special. You can use the informal wording but still look beautiful for your Indian wedding invitation. You can add the quotation on the top which sounds like “Love fills a moment. A moment fills a lifetime. A lifetime begins eternity. On our eternity begins here, at the wedding of us. Please complete our happiness”. Hence, you can invite all your friends in beautiful way.

Besides that, you can also take another simple Indian wedding invitation quotes for friends in English if you get difficult on Indian language. There are so many quotes that can be used. One of them is from Mahatma Gandhi, “True morality consists not in following the beaten track, but in finding out the true path for ourselves and in fearlessly following it”. You can add this quotation in the end of your invitation wording.

If you like watching Bollywood, it is possible to take the quotation from there. As we know that Indian is popular with its Bollywood industry so that you can also take some quotation from certain Bollywood movie for your invitation. “Mohabbat bi zindagikitarahhotihai, har mod aasaannahinhota, har mod par khushinahinmilti, par jab hum zindagikasaatgnahinchhodte to mohabbatkasaathkyonchhodein” is one of the best quotation from Bollywood movie called as Mohabattein. By using those words, your wedding invitation will be more Indian. However, if almost all of your friends cannot understand Indian language, you can just take it as Indian wedding invitation quotes in English. You can translate that quotation for “Love is just like life, every turn is not easy, every turn doesn’t give you happiness, but when we do not desert life, then why we should desert love!”.

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So, have you decide on what kind of Indian wedding quotes for invitation cards? As a reminder, you can put the quotation from novel, movie or Indian critics that can be taken as a symbol of your love on wedding invitation.

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