Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

As 2016 winds down, us wedding-obsessed folks at Happy Shappy have rounded up some of our favorites from the year. And as far as photoshoots go, it’s been a great year for creativity and inspired ideas! From rustic romance, to totally out of the box whackiness – it’s been a ton of fun! So without further ado, here are our faves – The Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots.


Lush Lovin’

The bright colors, the laid back vibe, the hopeless lovebirds — and that yellow Beetle! This series by Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla had all the makings of a happily ever after that started with chilled out shots capturing this couple’s relationship perfectly! And since we’re suckers for beaches and clear blue skies, this was one of our favorite 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - Shutterdown Photography
Pic Courtesy: Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla



You guys, this one features an elephant – how could we not love it?! This couple’s love is king sized, and they’re sharing the frame with a creature that’s no less. This fun photo by Dilli Wale Weddings is not only super creative, but it also captures the natural joy of this moment – making it one of our favorite 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - Dilli Wale Weddings
Pic Courtesy: Dilli Wale Weddings


Jump For Joy

The reason couples opt for pre-wedding photoshoots is to excitedly celebrate their love before the wedding finally rolls around. And what better way to show your excitement than to jump for joy? This fun shot by The Love Struck Weddings does just that — and these adorable chalkboard signs make it even more amazing! Holding up signs was a major trend we saw (and loved) in 2016 – and hope it’s here to stay in 2017!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - The Love Struck Weddings
Pic Courtesy: The Love Struck Weddings


Fields of Love

Is that golden glow from the gorgeously setting sun? Or could it be their love? A bit of both in this beautiful photograph by U Like Fotographia! This series was one of our favorites from 2016 because of the calm serenity it captured – a very different vibe than most pre-wedding photoshoots. If it’s a classic, romantic photo you want, be inspired by this one!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - ULike Fotographia
Pic Courtesy: U Like Fotographia


Party People

No one does a concept photoshoot quite like Happy Flashbacks by Noopur and Anish– and this one is all about an out of the box concept! The couple that parties together, stays together — even when the bride wants to keep belting out the tunes and her husband has thrown back one too many. If you want to capture your personalities in a funky way, check out this series!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - Happy Flashbacks by Noopur and Anish
Pic Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks


The Perfect Picnic

When the weather outside is perfect, pack up a blanket, a basket of goodies, and head outdoors! This photoshoot by The Story Weavers was a social media superstar in 2016 — and we can totally understand why! With the beautiful scenery, the romantic setting and this lovely couple’s chemistry, it’s hard not making this one of our favorite pre-wedding photoshoots of 2016!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - The Story Weavers
Pic Courtesy: The Story Weavers


Vintage Wonder

Rounding up our list for the Best of 2016, is this vintage inspired photoshoot by Happyframes Photography! We’re suckers for nods to the elegant days of yesteryear, and loved all the old world touches this series gave us – the gramophone, that glimpse of an antique typewriter, and these beautiful outfits! The photoshoot perfectly celebrated today’s love, in a setting that’s delighted us for decades!

Best of 2016 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots - Happyframes Photography
Pic Courtesy: Happyframes Photography

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