5 ways to get fit and feel #HappyShappy!

Hey we love you just the way you are – but if you’ve been wanting to hit new fitness goals, look no further. There’s no time better than now to kick start your fitness journey – and if a special celebration is peeking around the corner, even better. We know crash diets don’t work (other than leaving us pissed off), and skinny isn’t what we’re aiming for here anyways. Being healthy truly is a lifestyle, and we’ve gathered here the 5 ways to get fit and feel #HappyShappy! We bring the suggestions – you’ve got to bring the motivation!


An Ayurvedic Tea-Tox!

The usual detoxes remind us of starvation and expensive, exotic juices – not our cup of tea. But you know what is our cup of tea? A cup of tea! Our gorgeous #HappyShappy friend, Sophie Choudry recently let us in on her little secret – FitTox tea. It’s a 30-day detox tea that leaves you feeling  energized, refreshed and pumped about hitting your fitness goals! It boosts metabolism, burns fat and fits in super easily into your routine – this specially blended ayurvedic tea in the morning and every other night. Plus, you get an amazing night’s rest and wake up with better, glowing skin. Seriously tea-riffic!

Get details and order Fittox tea here!

Move Those Buns!

You may have a fit watching BigBoss, but you’re definitely not getting fit sitting on your couch watching it! So get up, pull on some trainers, and get moving! Thankfully, you’ve got lots of options and it doesn’t have to be pounding the treadmill day in and day out. There are plenty of super fun options like Bhangra workouts, hop-hop dance classes, and even pilates to get your blood pumping, fat burning and buns moving!

Krish Fitness Academy, Delhi for a killer Bhangra Workout.

Delhi Rock for kick-ass pilates and yoga.

Be Best Dressed!

Running is great, but running around town to find your dream outfits absolutely sucks! There is really nothing great about the traffic and headache you’ve got to deal with in going to tons and tons of shops to find the few pieces you’ve always wanted. A much easier way to feel #HappyShappy on your big day is to create a HappyShappy account, create your lookbook through Dreamboards and click “I Want It!” That one click will connect you the boutiques & designers who can create and deliver your dream outfit, right in your budget. With trusted vendors, a vetting system and thousands of inspiration outfits, it’s never been easier to look fab and feel #HappyShappy for your special day!

Get dreaming with HappyShappy!

Indian Wedding Ideas, Happy Shappy

The Glass is Half Full

Yes, optimism and a positive outlook on life will definitely have you feeling #HappyShappy – but what will have you feeling fit is drinking plenty of water. Increase your H2O intake and watch the kilos melt off (as long as a huge chocolate bar isn’t accompanying your water!) Start small by carrying around a cute water bottle and you’ll realize how much you typically ignore your body’s calls for water. Plus, limit your alcohol intake and say total no to artificial sweeteners. They make you bloated and ironically, don’t help in getting fit whatsoever! If you’re really craving the fizz, opt for some seltzer water with lemon instead!

Shop adorable water bottles at Chumbak.

A Dreamy Night’s Sleep!

Our favorite of these 5 ways to get fit and feel #HappyShappy is getting in our beauty sleep! Way more cost effective than splurging on concealer for those dark circles, a good night’s rest gives you the zing you need to kickstart your day with FitTox, jump on over to your dance class, put on that fantastic outfit you got through HappyShappy and have plenty of energy to spare! Not getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night leaves us exhausted, dazed, and pretty grumpy. So get into bed a bit earlier, and keep your phone across the room. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you fall asleep and how energized you’ll feel the next morning!

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