We’re all set for the long weekend to hit and ready to dive in heaps of colors. Yes, Holi is here and so is the struggle of not looking like a science experiment gone wrong post festival too. Before you call out an SOS, note these Holi beauty hacks that’ll save you from the wrath of the post Holi trauma!

Let’s get you geared up before the madness begins and you’re painted in rainbow colors!

Screen your skin

Shield every inch of your skin with a sun block lotion with SPF 25 and above for a better protection from pigmentation and tanning.

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Don’t soil! Oil!

Smather those luscious locks and skin with coconut oil before the fun begins. Trust us, you’ll thank us later when you step out of the shower looking clean as a whistle!

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Purge Allergen

Colors are cool but being a victim to the chemicals in them isn’t. Fight color allergies with aloe vera gel to soothe your rashes and any inflammations.

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Nail those nails!

Choose what color your nails get painted in by applying nail varnishes and avoid colors getting absorbed in.

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Hair Care

Unicorns are cute but having patchy, unicorn hair isn’t. Braid your hair for minimum color permeation to inner hair layers. We suggest a cute bandana or a hat for your scalp protection.

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Make-up or Break-out!

Before your face gets painted with those holi colors, apply light waterproof makeup for additional protection from color permeation.

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Moist to the T!

 Scrubbing off the color can strip your skin of moisture. Make sure you feed your skin with essentials and keep it hydrated post shower.

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Holi is almost here – so be sure to save these holi beauty hacks into your HappyShappy Dreamboards so you don’t lose the ideas!

And speaking of Holi, check out our fave stylista Masoom Minawala’s wedding holi celebrations here!

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