Didja know that weddings also have grooms? Crazy right?! It really shouldn’t be just about the bride – the groom deserves some attention as well! So while the bride is prepping and priming for her big day, here are some fantastic pre-wedding gifts for the groom  to make the fella feel special as well!

Scent of a Man

cologne - gifts for the groom
Pic Courtesy: Ralphlaurenfragrancebar

Don’t just pamper the bride, but also groom the groom! There’s a whole lot of variety out there for men’s colognes – from woodsy and sporty, to elegant and clean. So keep his personality in mind, and spritz him with something fancy. 

Style the man

men's overcoat - gifts for the groom
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Ensure your present doesn’t just gather dust in the attic, with this pre-wedding gift for the groom that he’ll hang on to forever. A closet staple – a chic overcoat, sleek tie pin or timeless cufflinks. Sartorial perfection which will take him from Dulha to Bond.

If the shoe fits, he’ll wear it

shoes - gifts for the groom
Pic Courtesy: Favim

Remember what they say about the gentleman being spotted by the shoes he wears? We do! And apart from turning him into a gentleman, this pre-wedding gift for the groom will ensure he does a Happy Shappy dance at his wedding. Go with a gift certificate to his favorite shoe store, or better yet, to a custom shoe maker who’ll mold a pair perfect for him.

Gizmos for the Tech Geek

gadgets - gifts for the groom
Pic Courtesy: storm1.bk-ninja

Nothing speaks happiness like the gift of technology for the gadget freak! Ranging from the coolest watch or latest laptop to the most up-to-date iPhone (sans headphone jacks), the world has plenty to offer the tech-savvy. Hook him up with one of these pre-wedding gifts for the groom, and watch his face light up!

Dude Fest

scotch whiskey - gifts for the groom
Pic Courtesy: Tumblr

And no pre-wedding gift for the groom will come close to a wild bachelor party for your best boy! Whether it’s a roadtrip with his bros, an evening of Scotch tasting at a Speakeasy, or a night out at your old haunts painting the town red, it’ll be a great way to kick off his wedding!

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