Gifts For Dad At Your Wedding

Whether he was the stern disciplinarian who always demanded a stellar report card from you, or the mushy-hearted teddy bear you ran to when your mom’s temper hit the roof, your father was likely the first man you ever loved.

Maybe the first time he ever cried as a grown man was when you were handed to him as a newborn. And the dreams he dreamt for your future and success likely surpass even the ones he had for himself. So now, as you take a step towards your future, in your new life, your proud Papa will be the happiest man in the room.

Commemorate the occasion with a token of your love for him with something that falls in sweet spot between practical and sentimental. Check out these amazing gifts for Dad at your wedding!

Sweet Nothings

Even if you buy your dad nothing at all, your words will be enough for him. Melt his heart with a message straight from yours. Whether it rhymes like one, or flows in free prose from deep within, he’s sure to love it. The simplicity of this present makes it one of our favorite gifts for dad at your wedding!

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Chin, chin!

Raise a toast to your Daddy Dearest at your celebrations, and slip him a flask like this one to carry a wee refreshment with him. Whether it’s to warm him up before dancing the #HappyShappy bhangra at your wedding, or to deal with the gaggle of extended family’s demands, he’s sure to appreciate this flask on his hip!

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Wipe His Tears

Even for the dads who never showed emotion, for those steely nerved men who maintained a cold-hearted façade – they may change completely at your wedding. To witness their child growing up and starting a new life is tremendously moving, and a special handkerchief will be just perfect for those rare tears that somehow turn up.

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Wallet Wonder

A little bit cheeky, and a whole lot useful – this is one of our favorite gifts for dad at your wedding! A money clip is something he’ll carry with him every single day, and a personalized inscription like this one will surely bring a smile to his face whenever he reaches for his cash.

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You’re The Perfect Pair!

If your dad’s not quite the fashionista you are, he may not let you splurge on a fancy outfit for him to don at your celebrations. But socks are a staple that he’ll surely be wearing throughout the year. So pick up a pair that’ll jazz up his look, without making him feel uncomfortable! And truly, his walking you down the aisle to the altar is going to be one of your favorite walks together!

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Tie-riffic Dad!

Whether your dad wears a tie to work every day, or only on festive occasions, make it an extra special feeling with these elegant accessories! Both of these are fairly simple (and practical) gifts – but the sentimentality of the message will make them your dad’s favorite! The perfect gift for a debonair Daddy!

Pic Courtesy: Tidewater and Tulle
Pic Courtesy: Tidewater and Tulle


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