Gifts For The Bride

Your favorite girl is tying the knot! And she’s sure to get lots of random gifts at her wedding — unless her guests have checked out Happy Shappy’s Wedding Gift Guide!) But as one of her nearest and dearest, make your gift much more special. We love these gifts for the bride that celebrate her on the big day!

Fun Flip-Flops

Hook the bride up with these adorable sandals as she steps into her beach honeymoon! We especially love the gold details on this paid!

PC: Bloomingdales


Hanky Panky

No matter how excited the bride is for her wedding, there are sure to be some sentimental moments. And when those tears come, bring a smile to her face with a funny embroidered handkerchief like this one!

PC: Etsy


HamperĀ Mania

All the real essentials the bride will need for her big day! (Champagne is an essential, right?) Pack it up with lovely flutes, some fresh flowers, and an emergency kit for last minute touch ups! This thoughtful presentĀ is one of our favorite gifts for the bride, with everything in one lovely box!

PC: Instagram


Coffee Cutie

For the bride who can’t get her day started without a cup of coffee, gift her an adorable mug that’ll celebrate her wedding every day! We love the Tiffany blue color of this one, and that gold rimming and handle make it such a fancy gift!



Close To Her Heart

Though she’ll probably collect lots of other jewelry at her wedding, this one will truly be close to her heart — and not just because she’ll wear it dangling around her neck! An adorable pendant like this one can be worn every day, and even layered with other light necklaces.

PC: Every Last Detail


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