The Great Indian Wedding Awards!

Behind every fairytale wedding — is the creative genius of an overworked wedding professional!

Your perfect wedding planner doesn’t just have a phone book full of contacts and a mood board for every bride – they have a magic wand that ensures there’s never a damsel in distress…or a wallet in stress!

We spoke recently with Samit and Manika Garg of E-Factor Entertainment – incredible event planners who are nothing short of magicians at making their clients every wish a reality! Whether bespoke Broadway performances or decadent destinations – E-Factor makes a couple’s dream wedding a true reality.

They are The Experts. The Peacemakers. The Perfectionists. The Orchestrators and The Foreseers.

And best of all – The Dreamcatchers.

And the time has come to finally celebrate this wondrous coterie of wedding professionals and all the magic spells they weave to make dream weddings heaven here on Earth.

The International Convention of The Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) is widely renowned as the global leader of all things wedding – bringing together the best of the industry and elevating your celebrations with vision and creativity. From July 21st to July 23rd , the Indian wedding industry’s best and brightest will gather at the gorgeous Andaz,Delhi, in a spectacular meeting of the wedding minds!

Here’s a glimpse into last year’s ICWF magic at the Fairmont, Jaipur!

The event will culminate with the Great Indian Wedding Awards (GIWA)

A glittering evening honoring the marvelous masters of weddings in every category!

icwf, giwa awards

The GIWA is a truly mesmerizing evening – recognizing the immense talents of the wedding industry. And for all the attendees, it’s an excellent platform to meet, bond, collaborate and build relationships with others who are taking this space to the next level!

If you’re a wedding professional – one of these Dreamcatchers with a magic wand, then nominate yourself for a GIWA and get recognized for your creative mastermind!

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