Grooming the Groom

Contrary to what some bridal magazines may have you believe, weddings do in fact have grooms! Pages upon pages are dedicated to bridal wear, makeup looks, and footwear options. But the groom? Oh that poor groom – he is often reduced to a prop on his own special day, while all eyes are on the dulhan. Boys, take your place in the spotlight with these 5 ways to groom the Groom!

Shave the day!

The quickest way to look well groomed, is a close shave on your face. And don’t risk the nicks you get doing this at home — go to a professional salon/barbershop and indulge in a hot lather, straight shave. It’ll double as a facial, and exfoliate all that dead skin off your visage. Oh and fellas, while you’re at it, get those nose hairs trimmed!

shaving, grooming the groom
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Unless you’re a men’s wristwatch model, this is probably the first time all eyes will be on your hands. The paparazzi will be clicking away as you exchange rings with your lovely bride, so please avoid showing up with crusty, yellowing talons. And while you’re at the salon, go for a full pedicure to avoid any post-joota churai awkwardness.

man manicure, grooming the groom
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Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Fair warning: Do not experiment with a new hairstyle on the day of your wedding. If you show up with a goofy, bowl haircut, your fiancé will not be amused. Instead, we’d suggest going in for a clean, upscale trim at a tried and tested salon about a week before your big day.

Haircut, grooming the groom
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Shape up!

Get your ass into shape. If you’re a dedicated couch potato, no need to jump right into a CrossFit routine. But hire a trainer, and spend a couple of days a week to shed some of your last pounds. Your wedding suit will sit better on you, and you’ll be an Adonis on your honeymoon.

Exercise work out, grooming the groom
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Frankie says “Relax”!

With all the pre-wedding drama you may be enduring, plus any tantrums from family members who each have an opinion – you deserve an hour long massage. Lie back, fall asleep, and let a professional work out those knots in your back. Enjoy.

Massage relax, grooming the groom
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