Guest Etiquette For Weddings

So you’ve scored an invitation to the most important day in someone’s life – yippee! As you plan your outfits and gleefully rub your hands dreaming of the lavish dessert spread, be sure to check out our tips on guest etiquette for weddings. We wouldn’t want the happy couple to rue the day they sent you an invitation!

Only Attend If You’re Invited

Only Attend if You're Invited - Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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This one really ought to go without saying, but in India, it’s got to be explicitly stated. Don’t assume that an invitation card addressed to you means it’s an invite for your chachi and her BFF — this isn’t as an open buffet and bar! Only those to whom an invitation has been addressed (such as you plus family) should attend. The couple has planned their venue and catering accordingly, so do respect their big day.


RSVP - Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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They would love to have you attend, but unfortunately can’t read your mind. In the invitation you received, there ought to be an insert with RSVP details. So give them a call, or drop them a short note letting them know how many of you will be attending each of the functions. The headcount for their food and beverage planning is super important — let’s not risk the jalebis and booze running out, people! 

Buy A Wedding Gift Early

Buy A Wedding Gift Early - Guest Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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We have handy gift guides for the happy couple – use these for amazing gifting ideas that newlyweds would love – instead of buying that last minute toaster. If you do wait till the last minute, you’ll end up picking up something generic and bland that won’t be very meaningful. Instead, opt for spa day certificates, commissioned artwork, or add to their honeymoon plans. 

Put Your Phone On Silent!

Put Your Phone On Silent - Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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This is the biggest day of someone’s life – they’ve dreamed about it, meticulously planned it, and are living an everlasting memory – so don’t interrupt it with your piercingly loud “Baby Doll Mein Sone Di” ringtone! Firstly, please re-evaluate your taste in music. And thereafter, do turn your devices to silent, and if need be, step out to take an important call.

Don’t Photobomb Every Picture!

Don't Photobomb Every Picture - Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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We’re sure you’re totally adorable and side splittingly hilarious – but the newlyweds may not think so when all those romantic pictures of them gazing into each other’s eyes have you goofily grinning right behind them! You’re looking mighty fine, so get in all the selfies and group shots you want — and share them on social media with #HappyShappy so we can ooh and aah over them too. But please refrain from being a kabab mein haddi in all the couple’s shots!

Congratulate The Family

Congratulate The Couple - Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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Yes, we know the food in incredible – but don’t just khao, peeyo and khisko! Even if you really did just attend for the food (and maybe even the rishta scene), good guest etiquette for weddings would be to personally congratulate the couple, as well as their immediate families, and then proceed to shove your face! We don’t judge Laddoo-holics. 

Don’t Get Wasted

Don't Get Wasted - Guest Etiquette For Weddings
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An open bar means the couple is very generous and wants their guests to have an amazing night. What it doesn’t mean is that you get drunk off your senses and stagger around the venue like Keshto Mukherjee. And really, don’t take your social cues from that Mamaji doing the Naagin dance with the bottle of Scotch perched precariously on his head – be classy, and drink in moderation!

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