Indian Jewellery Styles For All The Kickass Brides

Have your maang tikka, nose rings, necklace or earrings taken a back seat while you are too involved in your perfect D day outfit? Fret not, because HappyShappy‘s  come up with the perfect Indian wedding ideas and this time it is all about the bling, jadau, cuts and more!

We know that as brides, we get attached to each and every jewellery piece we wear on our special day! Let’s take you on a roller coaster ride for your best Indian wedding ideas with these famous jewels from around India.

Rajasthani Borla

Confused about your maang tikka? Let’s refer to the God state of Indian maang tikkas – Rajasthan.  A typical multi colored Borla with chand shape gives you a graceful touch (exactly the one you want as a bride !) It looks perfect in lots of different colours and completes the look that you always dreamed of! (Psst: lots more dream worthy inspo is right here!)

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Nawabi Style With Lucknow’s Jadau Neck Pieces

Lucknawi women love their traditional jewellery and this affair has stood the test of centuries! Since the beginning of time, royalty has worn jadau neckpieces in Awadh.

Bollywood is going gaga over the jadau chokers and girl, you know you are slaying it if you own one of these!

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Hyderabadi Chand Balis

The Mughals and Nizams of Hyderabad made the chand balis an all time favourite for us! They are traditional but add a chic look to any outfit that you wish to team them with! And these aren’t just perfect for a wedding – you can dress up your evening gowns with these pieces for years to come!

Punjabi’s Do It The ‘NATH’ Way!

The nath has always been a very significant and integral part of Indian jewellery. This particular piece is  one that comes in all different shapes and sizes and completes the mesmerizing bridal look of yours! Nath-ing can get in your way with one of these! 

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Kamarband – To Pep Up Your Bridal Look!

A Kamarband (or waistband) is the sexiest ornament and a bridal ensemble goes fully glam with this seductive piece of jewellery. As the name indicates, a kamarband is worn around the waist and is an amazing way to flaunt your curves in your saris and lehengas! Check out lots more of these right here!

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