Seasonal Themes for Your Wedding

Don’t limit yourself to three weeks during wedding season to host your big day – look towards nature for inspiration, and make it spectacular, no matter the season! Here are 5 seasonal themes for your wedding  inspiration for your celebrations!


Spring Themed Wedding Inspirations - Seasonal Themes For Your Wedding
Spring Themed Wedding Inspirations

A springtime soiree in February and March would dazzle in heaps of flowers and flowing fountains. Think shades of pink – fuchsia, magenta, coral to decorate your venue, with splashes of these colors adorning your outfits. Serve your guests fresh fruit juices, topped with a twist of lime and hints of mint.  


Summer Themed Wedding Inspirations - Seasonal Themes For Your Wedding
Summer Themed Wedding Inspirations

Summertime and the livin’ is easy (as long as you’re indoors!) Don’t overlook April, May and June when wedding planning and as inspiration for a seasonal theme wedding. Book an air conditioned venue, and turn it into an indoor beach – bright umbrellas, yellow beach-balls, and an ocean of blue balloons. Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruit popsicles on hand, and lots of Vodka Jell-o Shots for the serious partiers!  


Monsoon Themed Wedding Inspirations - Seasonal Themes For Your Wedding
Monsoon Themed Wedding Inspirations

The rains aren’t always a pain – July, August and September bring a charm of their own to your special day. Think pluming peacocks dancing in the rain, and vividly colored umbrellas to invoke an earthy charm. Adorn your party space in shades of purple and emerald greens – perhaps even with masks to create a masquerade party. And to truly enjoy the weather and revel in a rainy seasonal theme wedding, serve endless pakodas and dusky pink Kashmiri chai.  


Autumn Themed Wedding Inspirations - Seasonal Themes For Your Wedding
Autumn Themed Wedding Inspirations

The weather’s getting amazing, making October and November evenings perfect for a bash. With the cool breeze come the falling leaves in shades of orange and crimson. Decorate your bare trees with fairy lights, paper lanterns, and pictures of your family. Serve dishes made of squash and pumpkin (or orange moti choor ladoos), and turn Halloween Indian – with a Bollywood themed Costume Party!  


Winter Themed Wedding Inspirations - Seasonal Themes For Your Wedding
Winter Themed Wedding Inspirations

Shaadi season kicks off in December through January, and there’s plenty you can do to set your wedding apart from all the others! For a winter seasonal theme wedding, create a Winter Wonderland, with silver décor, scented candles, snowflakes dangling down, and cool ice sculptures for your guests to admire. End the night on a sweet note, with warm halwas of every kind, and hot drinks – filter coffee, apple cider, Turkish rose tea – making it a truly memorable wedding.

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