Looking great, feeling #HappyShappy, with Sophie Choudry!

Sophie Choudry is one of a kind – she’s statuesque, gorgeous and has a killer bod – but also down to earth, super smart, and packs a hilarious sense of humor!

Team HappyShappy spoke to Sophie about the secret to her glowing looks and what makes her super #HappyShappy! Read on for Sophie Choudry’s beauty and fitness secrets.

Sophie Choudhry, Indian celebrities, happy shappy

Psst: Give us the deets on what keeps you looking fab and fit?

Sophie’s got the dance moves, and dancing is her workout of choice. Her fitness routine is a regular part of her day, and she believes in looking fit – not looking skinny! “You’ve got to be consistent with it!” is her advice to you guys – plus, don’t smoke and don’t go overboard with drinking either!

“My #HappyShappy is definitely being on stage – singing and dancing in front of a life audience!” Sophie told us. When your #HappyShappy is groovin’, it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

Sophie Choudhry, Indian celebrities, happy shappy

Seriously tho, how does she look SO damn good?

There’s another little secret she let us in on – FitTox tea! It’s the most amazing 30 day detox using what us Indians already love – tea! This Teatox (seriously, how cute is that?) is a natural cleansing tea that leaves Sophie (and now us!) feeling energized, refreshed and pumped about hitting our fitness goals! It boosts metabolism, burns fat and fits in super easily into our routine – no crazy diets, no exotic juices. Plus, you get an amazing night’s rest and wake up with better, glowing skin.

Sophie Choudhry, Indian celebrities, happy shappy

Spill the tea! Tell us more!

Sophie said we get to keep our routine and not do anything crazy drastic– just eat the three meals a day, snack smart and drink one cup of Fit tea in the morning (“it’s an easy dip-dip-dip tea bag”, Sophie told us) and one cup of the Tox tea bags every other night. FitTox tastes fantastic, leaves you feeling great AND is made in India using the best Ayurveda secrets – oolong, white tea, chamomile and lots of fresh herbs. Check please, we’re sold!

 Sophie Choudhry, Indian celebrities, happy shappy

How about beauty products – any faves?

Sophie’s signature look is glowing skin and a smile that lights up a room – and we needed to hear what it takes! She gave us the low down on all her favorite beauty products. Someone hide our credit cards cuz a major shopping spree is about to go down!

Sophie Choudhry, Indian celebrities, happy shappy


“For skincare, it’s La Prairie – it’s just the best, more luxurious skin care and does wonders for my skin!”

Moving on to makeup products, Sophie’s a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown stick foundation, the Chanel foundation for a glowy look, and Kat Von D’s base for heavier coverage which looks great at evening events or performances. Add a dash of contour and swipe of highlighter with these products by Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty! (Find all of these on Sophie’s HappyShappy Dreamboards!)

For eyes, Sophie keeps it simple and easy for us to replicate! A brown smoky look using Mac eyeshadows, and a thin flicked-out liner. Finish off your eyes with Sophie’s favorite mascaras – Too Faced Better Than Sex and Benefit’s Real Lashes.

Pair your fuss free eyes with a bright lip – Sophie loves the Huda Beauty lip stains and the luscious colors by Charlotte Tilbury. Bright fun colors are her must haves (and we just splurged on some too!) It’s definitely a makeup look we’re going gaga for in our Dreamboards!

Want more? Find it right here on Sophie’s Fittox Dreamboards! All her beauty secrets – from Fittox to makeup, are trending HappyShappy! 

To order Fittox and kickstart your teatox, visit: https://fittox.fit/


fittox tea, sophie choudry, indian wedding ideas, indian fitness ideas, happy shappy

fittox tea, sophie choudry, indian wedding ideas, indian fitness ideas, happy shappy

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