Your Dazzling Summer Wedding

“Summer time and the lovin’ is easy!” Or is it? With the blazing heat, stifling humidity, and all that dust flying around, it’s no wonder that most couples opt for wintertime weddings. But there’s no need to let the weather gods dictate the terms of your big day – with a couple of smart pointers, your Summer Wedding can be absolutely fabulous as well!

Sun Protection

Sun Protection - Your Dazzling Summer Wedding
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Happy is the bride that the sun shines on, but we definitely don’t want her to catch the sun! First and foremost, never ever forget your sunscreen. And if you plan on wearing makeup, simply apply a layer of sunscreen prior to your makeup. Lock it all in with a setting spray and your face won’t melt off! If you do have to be outside in the sun for long hours, be sure to have some shade set-up so you or your guests don’t get a sunburn, or worse, a heatstroke! Decorate your outdoor venue with colorful umbrellas, or gauzy drapes to keep the sun from killing your fun.


Hydrate Yourself - Your Dazzling Summer Wedding
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A dehydrated bride is a dull bride. Not to mention, it can seriously affect your health. So be sure to down a glass or two of water as soon as you wake up, and keep guzzling throughout the day. It’ll safeguard you from dehydration, which can leave you exhausted and in pain. And if the health benefits haven’t convinced you, then do it for purely vain reasons – drinking lots of water throughout the day will give you glowing skin! And even if you’ve only managed to get a few hours of sleep before the big day, staying hydrated will keep those dreaded dark circles at bay.

Sweat Proof Makeup

Sweat Proof Makeup - Your Dazzling Summer Wedding
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We know you’d like to get dolled up on your special day, and show your best face to the paparazzi! But without a few crucial steps for summer proof makeup, that gorgeous face may soon melt off onto your fineries! To start with, apply a high quality primer to prep the skin, fill in any pores, and make your foundation last longer. Then apply an oil free foundation with a light hand – a heavy cake face gets amplified in natural sunlight and isn’t a great look. If you have fairly good skin, skip the foundation altogether and instead opt for a tinted moisturizer (we love the Laura Mercier). We also recommend keeping the eye look simple, and pair it with a fun bright lip – think coral or fuschia. And once your look is complete, spritz a bit of setting spray on to really lock your look into place.


Floral Blossoms - Your Dazzling Summer Wedding
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Always dreamt of having a beautiful flowery wedding? A summer wedding doesn’t have to change that! Let your happiness blossom with flowers that last longer and are less prone to wilting – think orchids, gardenias, dahlias, sunflowers and lilies. Don’t get these flowers too early, or they may spoil before your day. Instead, shop locally and pick them up from your local flower mandi the early morning before your event. And to keep them looking fresh and fragrant as the day goes on, keep a water spritzer bottle on hand and have the flowers sprayed every hour to keep them going!

Make Hay While The Sun Shines!

Have a Day Wedding - Your Dazzling Summer Wedding
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That sun is definitely going to be shining down on you – so make the most of it! There are tons of benefits to having your event of a sunny day, rather than during the winter. Your photographs will be bright and fun, and it’s the perfect excuse (not that you need one) to have a gorgeous mimosa bar set up. Pop some bubbly, and line up a bevy of seasonal fruits for a unique refreshment for your guests.

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