The Red Wedding

Sorry, Game of Thrones fans, you won’t find any blood and gore here. (Unless you’re planning your wedding somewhere other than!)

The Red Weddings we’re celebrating today are the #HappyShappy ones we so love! North-Indian brides often opt for red on their wedding as it symbolizes love, new beginnings, prosperity and fertility. But with bridal wear now available in whole new palette of colors, it’s easier than ever to deviate from the traditional red.

If you fall in love with a lehenga or saree that’s not red, but still want hints of crimson at your celebrations, we’ve got it all figured out for you! Here are our favorite ways to have a red wedding – incorporating this traditional color into your wedding in creative ways!


Lay out the red carpet for your Mister by nudging him towards a red sherwani. When done right, this look is handsome and regal – perfect for your Prince Charming!



No need to go red in the face for a red wedding outfit if it’s just not what you want! Instead, add a pop of red to your look with a pair of shoes. Ruby red slippers aren’t just for Dorothy anymore, they’re for the Indian bride who wants a red wedding done her way!

Pic Courtesy: Deer Pearl Flowers
Pic Courtesy: Deer Pearl Flowers

Psst: red shoes are also perfect for the groom!

Pic Courtesy: Pinning Angelica


One of the easiest ways to infuse red into your wedding is through decor. Think roses, candles, lights and romance! We especially love these tablescapes for an Indian wedding – gorgeous designs with pop of red for tradition’s sake. (Check out Happy Shappy’s picks for the best decorators in your budget!)

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest
Pic Courtesy: Pzazz



Set the scene for your wedding celebrations with a little something red! Whether a mandap, an altar, or a stage, red will infuse your venue with a celebratory feel, while ticking off the boxes for prosperity, fertility, tradition!

Pic Courtesy: Neha Brackstone
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest


Ya know what they say, if you can’t wear it, then eat it.

Ok, I’m being told this is not a widely accepted phrase (yet…). Nonetheless, finish off your red wedding with a sweet cake! Whether a rustic naked cake like this first one, or a more elegantly traditional one like that second, it’s sure to be a sweet surprise for your guests!

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest
Pic Courtesy: Walking On A Dream

Psst: Raise a toast to your new beginnings with champagne and roses!

Pic Courtesy: Deer Pearl Flowers

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