Unique Wedding Cakes!

Let them eat cake! And to avoid a revolution that may follow, pick from one of these unique designs!

Your guests have likely seen it all when it comes to wedding desserts – the white icing, the sweet fondant, the extremely unfamiliar likeness of the bride and groom perched atop a cake. So how about wowing their palettes with a cake that’s also a feast for these eyes?

Here are some of our favorite unique wedding cakes — almost too beautiful to eat, but hey, we’ve never met a cake we didn’t devour.

Geode Cakes

Inspired by precious stones from deep within the Earth, these cakes are gorgeous, edible crystals. The most popular of these wedding cakes are the stunning amethyst ones, but honestly, they ALL totally *rock*.

Pic Courtesy: Intricate Icings
Pic Courtesy: My Modern Met
Pic Courtesy: Notey


Naked Cakes

Rustic, earthy and beautifully natural, nakes cakes are perfect for an outdoor wedding! These whimsical confections are one of the most unique wedding cakes with their inherent romance and fresh, blooming flowers!

Pic Courtesy: Altar Ego Weddings
Pic Courtesy: Maddocks Farm Organics
Pic Courtesy: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


Topsy-Turvy Cakes

How adorable are these? Slightly off kilter and so much fun, we think these cakes would be beautiful at a bridal shower. If the bride’s a unique kinda gal who likes to think outside the box, this is way outside that box. Psst: these would be perfect for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed luncheon!

Pic Courtesy: Wedding Cake For Tea
Pic Courtesy: Deer Pearl Flowers
Pic Courtesy: Deer Pearl Flowers


Watercolor Cakes

Inspired by the paintings of talented impressionists, watercolor cakes truly are a work of art! With a delicate wash of color, they’re an elegant option for an understated celebration. These cakes are the newest trend in desserts and haven’t caught on in India as yet – making them one of the most unique wedding cakes you could have!

Pic Courtesy: Emily Katharine
Pic Courtesy: Mango Studios
Pic Courtesy: Mint Photography


His n’ Hers

A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll. Some sweetness, with a bit of badass. Or maybe a princess, paired with a superhero. Whichever you choose, these His n’  Her cakes perfectly capture both the bride and the groom’s personalities! Whether you split it right down the middle, or have a quirky theme peaking from the back, these are definitely unique wedding cakes!

Pic Courtesy: CakesDecor.com
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest
Pic Courtesy: When Geeks Wed


Gold Foil Cakes

You’ve seen the funky, the whimsical and the amusing. So let’s finish off with wedding cakes that are absolutely stunning and elegant! These gold foil cakes will be perfect for any celebration – from bridal showers to the actual wedding day. You can dress them up in any color and even embellish with fresh flowers. Happy Eating!

Pic Courtesy: Brit & Co
Pic Courtesy: Suzanne Riley
Pic Courtesy: Instagram

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