Unique Wedding Destinations Within India

Udaipur and The Taj Mahal are lovely – but there’s much more India has to offer!

Destination weddings are a mini vacation – the scenery is idyllic, and only the people who truly love the couple go the extra mile to attend! And you don’t need to book an international flight to far-flung islands to have the destination wedding of your dreams. From snowy mountains to lush backwaters, and impeccable beaches to regal castles – look no further than India when planning your big day, with these 8 incredible wedding locales!

Lavasa: Splendid Italian ambiance for your special day!

lavasa - unique wedding destinations
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Blossoming green hills, jolly meandering roads, cascading waterfalls- could it get any dreamier for a fairy tale wedding? This deft settlement near Pune, a one-of-its kind township, is a crackerjack Hill station fashioned on a quaint Italian town. If the chock-a-block commotion of the city is what you’re planning to side-step, then voila! Lavasa is your happy-shappy place to be!

 Mandu: Want an earthy touch to your big day?

mandu - unique wedding destinations
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Away from the urbane frenzy, cosseted amidst the tranquil Satpura Mountains in Madhya Pradesh, is the small town Mandu. Its monumental beauty is sure to leave you spellbound! With streets bearing historical testimony to the syrupy love tale of Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati, the town offers a perfect pastoral backdrop to wed against!

Tezpur: An idyllic repose for the newlywed!

tezpur - unique wedding destinations
Pic Courtesy: Indian Journeys

Lush valleys, expansive tea-gardens, snow-clad peaks, balmy blue highlands and you exchanging vows under the ardent azure sky! If that’s your idea of perfect romantic bliss, this alluring city of Assam might just be the ideal wedding locale for you.

Pelling: Head-in-the-clouds, dear twosome?

pelling - unique wedding destinations
Pic Courtesy: Himalayan Travels

A small town in West Sikkim, Pelling offers an overwhelming view of the imperial Kangchenzonga range. Lovely mini treks and revitalizing nature strolls, that’s all you need to ease the pre-wedding strain and add a spring in your step! And if adventure is your happy shappy, there’s mountain biking, white-water rafting, traditional sports and so much more for the adrenaline rush.

Kerela: Well, God’s own place guys!

kerela backwaters - unique wedding destinations
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If marriages are made in heaven, ‘God’s own country’ is THE place to host one! Apart from the unruffled backwaters, Kerala has so much more to offer. Ranging from a houseboat wedding to getting married on the beach or by the hills; God’s worked wonders to create the perfect backdrop for you to get hitched.

Jaisalmer: Think big. Wed the regal way!

jaisalmer - unique wedding destinations
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Forts, citadels, grandiloquent finesse and well, elephants accessorized with zari-bordered velvety mini umbrellas! It’s your forever. All the paraphernalia and grandeur is totally worth it. What better place than the royal city of Jaisalmer, with its alluring line-up of grand forts and palaces, for a larger-than-life and an uber happy-shappy wedding!      

Pasighat: Let happiness flow naturally!

pasighat - unique wedding destinations
Source: GreenerPasturesInd

Since going green is the world’s motto, ‘shaadis’ need to get there sooner than later! So set up your ‘manadap’ in the lap of nature and revel in the unparalleled natural beauty that Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh’s oldest town, has to offer. Besides, happiness ain’t happiness if you fake it. Let’s keep it natural!

Pondicherry: un mariage élégant.

pondicherry - unique wedding destinations
Pic Courtesy: ICCS

Get to the French roots of this fascinating state and the happiness blossoms are sure to burgeon on your eventful day. Artsy and élégant, Pondicherry is your calling if a chic and classy wedding is your je ne sais quoi!

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