UpCycle Your Wedding Items and Reuse Them

You’ve put a lot of time, effort and yup, definitely money, into making each detail of your wedding day perfect. So come the day after, don’t chuck them all to the bottom of the bin. Instead, use these handy dandy tips to breathe new life into your beloved items to upcycle your wedding items for reuse long after your celebrations are done!

The Flowers

Dried Flowers - UpCycle Your Wedding Items
Pic Courtesy Bestiekonisis

Those gorgeous flowers that decorated your venue, brought you happiness and filled your memories with their fragrance – don’t let them wilt in vain! Be sure to press and dry a few for your wedding album, or even to decorate your thank you cards with. You can also reinvigorate dry flowers with a few drops of fragrance oil, and use them as potpourri all over your home. And for all the fresh flowers that are still going strong at the end of your special day, pack them up and deliver them to a local nursing home or hospital so they can brighten someone else’s day too!

Your Outfit

Recycle Your Wedding Lehenga - UpCycle Your Wedding Items
Pic Courtesy Poppy Lane

That stunning wedding outfit of yours, you spent ages scouring the city for, tailoring to your taste and spending your happiest day in – don’t let it hide in the dark corner of your wardrobe. Instead, turn it into something a tad more manageable by separating each piece. Pair the heavy dupatta with a simple salwar kameez, and team up that embellished lehenga with a solid color top for parties.

Wedding Decor

DIY Decor using Post Wedding Props - UpCycle Your Wedding Items
Pic Courtesy Style Me Pretty

You can either throw away all the beautiful décor from your wedding (boo), or upcycle your wedding items and beautify another space (yay!). If you have a way to decorate your own home (especially your new newlywed home) with any of the items, it’ll be a great way to always remember your special day. And those hilarious photobooth props – donate them to a nearby school or dramatics society – they’ll be sure to appreciate it. Or to make a little cash on the side, take pictures of the items and sell them online – there will definitely be someone who’d love to have beautiful pre-loved décor for a great price!

Yummy Food

Doggie Bags - UpCycle Your Wedding Items
Pic Courtesy One To Wed

Oh, that food, that yummy food! It’s even sweeter when shared with good friends and those who need it. So please never throw away perfectly good food – instead, provide doggy bags for your guests to take home leftovers and enjoy it for another few days. Or best of all, share it with those who need it the most. Round up your friends to help pack the food, and then deliver it to families in your city who need a good meal. You can either work with an organization like the Robin Hood Army, or take on the mantle yourself.

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