Uprooting Your Life, Living With an Entrepreneur, and Other Hazardous Feats

To say I’m a daredevil would be somewhat of a big fat lie. Sure, I’ve jumped out of airplanes, and traveled from Bologna to Milan ticket-less and hiding in the putrid WC; but I’m also the same person who called a 20 mile radius home for 25 years of her life. I’ve had the same friends since before I knew how to thread my eyebrows, and have eaten the same fiber rich breakfast cereal since my mom picked up the jumbo box at Costco when I was 15. Creature of habit, this one is.

So when, after these 25 years of friendships and Kellogg’s, we hugged them goodbye, packed up our beloved Thomas the Train table, my husband’s 13 boxes of assorted HDMI cables, and moved across the globe to India – we cannon-balled into the deep end.

The deep end where I was suddenly friendless, a bit (quite a bit) lost, and finding myself married to an entrepreneur. My better-half had chosen to take the path less beaten, forsake his comfortable job in that gorgeous glass building in DC, and plow purposefully towards the chaos of entrepreneurship. And we had all brazenly taken the plunge with him – because ya know, love.

But damn, the food was good (more, much more, on that later).

To say that life with an entrepreneur is a roller-coaster is trite, cliché and also absolutely true. I wish there was a less lazy and more beautiful way to explain it — something powerfully poetic about my soul or the clash of our auras – but it honestly is just a roller-coaster. It is thrilling, it is frightening, you squeal with joy at each clawed out victory, and hold your breath barreling through the challenging bits. The climb up at the beginning is slow, as it steadily builds its pace – this is where you murmur prayers and desperately beg the universe to deliver.  And before you know it, your arms are up, your mouth is agape, and you’re yelling – sometimes at your husband whose eyes glaze over in an eerie PCP addict manner when you discuss anything but his venture, and sometimes  with your husband when he finally, victoriously lands that crucial contract.

Although time whizzes by in bright flashes, you don’t actually get a picture at the end of the ride. But it doesn’t take a picture to realize your hair had been blown helter-skelter, you look every bit an electrocuted kitten, so dazed, a bit shell-shocked, and ready to do it all over again the next day. Because ya know, faith.

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Nitin and Sana Sood

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  1. Priti

    This is an adorable piece Sana, you are such a good writer!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you so much, means a lot coming from you!

  2. Shirvetta

    Your journey is beautiful and this is a true picture of stepping out on faith.

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you, Shirvetta, how lovely to hear from you! <3

  3. Amena

    Loved reading it. Full of wit , tongue in cheek honour… Great piece

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you very much, Amena!

  4. Ayesha

    Sunny pops you are a fantastic writer!!! You could write a telephone book with your sass and I’d be hooked! Incredible-can’t believe you haven’t taken this up as a career! Lots of love and positive vibes ❤️

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Hahah, that is an amazing compliment! Thank you so much!

  5. Nida

    So wonderfully written – you are so talented, Sana! Wishing you and Nitin the VERY best of luck with your new adventure!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you very much Nida, really appreciate it 🙂

  6. Nikky

    Beautiful writing Sana. You have very well penned your emotios….Good luck and best wishes to you Guys.

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you so much Nikky!

  7. nsood

    Can’t stop reading it. Absolutely brilliant. You have managed to capture a roller-coaster of emotions in a very short piece. Looking forward to the rest of the journey.

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      HappyShappy journey with you!

  8. Renu Rana

    Beautifully written Sana !! I don’t know if you remember me , after all it’s ages you left Chanakyapuri .All the best for your new venture Renu Rana

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      How lovely to hear from you – of course I remember you very well! I’m in Delhi now and would love to see you!

  9. Monica Narang

    Sana, it is so well written! Good luck to you both! Excellent job writing this piece! xxx

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Rohini

    Love it! Best wishes to you and Nitin!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you very much, Rohini!

  11. Prema

    Love it Sana! Such a great article and so true 😉

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you, Prema!

  12. CK

    Such a riveting read! Envious of your writing style! All the best dearest niece!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you so much, what a lovely compliment from an incredible writer like you!

  13. rachel

    You ARE a wonderful writer. I remember the plane jump and I vaguely remember the ticketless trip…Miss you, love! I can’t wait for more!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Yes! You were there for both adventures! Thank you so much <3

  14. Simi

    An absolutely wonderfully written piece Sana! I look forward to reading many many more <3

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you very much! So sweet of you!

  15. Nidhi Lakhanpal

    You guys are both amazing – wish you all the best on your adventurous ride to a brighter future. Miss you guys!!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you! We miss you guys too and hope to see you here very soon!

  16. anujalika

    Beautifully written Sana! Ditto to all of it and ya love the electrocuted kitten part of it, ofcourse at the end of the day faith is the thing floating you by!!! Congratulations to both of you for creating Happy Shappy, wish would have got married now 😉

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you so much – so nice of you! You had the happiest shappiest wedding of all and I can’t wait to feature it!

  17. Gelinda

    Hi Sana! This is my first time reading your blog. I initially thought that you were visiting India. After speaking with Andrea she confirmed that you moved. I thought, “Wow! we never finalized that lunch date.” Guess I’ll have to save up my change to visit you in India ?.

    I love this article. I am exploring being an entrepreneur myself and dating someone in the same boat so I can relate. The 9 to 5 in an office everyday seems blah to me now. Looking for greater adventure elsewhere.

    I look forward to reading more of your stories. The pictures you post on Instagram are absolutely beautiful. Keep up your efforts. Cheers!

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank so, Gelinda! So nice to hear from you! Yes we’ve moved to India and would love to have you visit and stay with us! Entrepreneurship is definitely an adventure, and we are loving ours (so far). Wish you and your boyfriend the best in your new endeavors!

  18. Gaurav Dhawan

    What a piece this blog is Sana, I have read this like a thousand times (Figuratively). I just can’t stop reading this. Eagerly waiting for your next blog.

    1. Sana Sood Listing Owner

      Thank you so much, what a nice compliment!

  19. Hina Kaleem

    Wow! Such a great piece that came straight from the heart. I don’t know how I had missed it so far but I loved reading it. You are such a wonderful writer MashAllah. Keep up the good work and also best of luck ?