Wedding Decor Expert Tips!

Planning a wedding this year and want it to be extra special and wonderfully unique? Start with your décor! Whether you’re getting married at a five star hotel, or in a small, intimate ceremony at home, your decor can amp up the vibe instantly.

Happy Shappy has paired up with one of the best known names in wedding décor – Boungainvilla Design Pvt. Ltd.– to bring you the inside scoop on trends, inspiration and ideas!

We chatted with Jasleen, the founder of Bougainvilla Design, a wedding decor expert and the creative mind behind some of the most incredible weddings we’ve seen! Definitely save this one as you plan your own celebrations.

Jasleen, Bougainvilla Design

How can we infuse our personalities into wedding decor?

Jasleen: A really easy way would be to have caricatures made of your families, friends, or of the couple and use it on a photobooth or on welcome boards – it adds a quirky element to your event!

Also, if you’re a bride that loves Bollywood, go crazy with using your favorite movie dialogues all over your sangeet or mehendi! And if you’re someone who loves to travel, have your designer create a world map for a photo booth, or even create a collage of your travel pictures to decorate with.

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

Should brides and grooms match their décor to their outfits?

Jasleen – I would definitely say this is totally avoidable! There are so many better thought processes you can go through before arriving at décor themes that you really love – so be more creative, more personal and more inspired!

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design
Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

What are some amazing décor trends you love?

Jasleen: There are so many to choose from! But if I had to pick, two of my favorites are:

-Floral inspired – think pastels, or imagine taking a walk in the English gardens. Beautiful flowers, paired with rustic props such as wheel barrows, watering cans, small console tables create a romantic atmosphere.

-Subtle Stylization – rather than going overboard with a theme, highlight “solo” elements such as a favorite motif of yours. I love featuring chandi and paan ka pattas -so it can be something simple, but done with a lot of style!

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

If we want to go the DIY route, what kind of flowers should we choose:

Jasleen: For an Indian DIY, chose marigolds. They’re easy to hang, look beautiful and add a bright touch to your venue. Also pick up containers that can hold water and put in rose petals or floating candles. It looks lovely.

For a Western inspired DIY, go with garden plants or potted flowering plants. I love the look of a clear glass vase with bunches of flowers in all colors of the palette bunched up together.

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

If we don’t have a theme in mind, are there some you can suggest that are always a sure hit?

Jasleen: Yes, there are a couple of “sure hits” that I love!

For a mehendi, go with a bright, colorful theme. Make it Indian, have fun with décor, and channel a kitch feel.

Sangeets are lovely when inspired by lighting. Think white and blue lanterns. I love a Sufi inspired sangeet with fresh whites and indigos from Turkey.

An engagement would look gorgeous in an enchanted forest theme – go with lush hues, and deep marsala wine for your décor!

And for a wedding, a traditional lotus inspired look is always amazing. Rich reds, creams, and gold décor, with themes like “Sri Nathji” are one of my favorites as well.

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

What’s a HUGE No-No for a wedding decor expert?

Jasleen: One I see very often is not having a theme in mind! Even if it’s something simple, it’s important to have a look that works together. Similarly, when choosing a theme, pick one that gels with the venue. So whether it’s a five star hotel, an outdoor garden or a pool side – pick a theme that goes with the backdrop. And lastly, please don’t match the bride’s outfit to the reception stage or the linens – she’ll get completely lost and won’t stand out, as she should at her own wedding!

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

What are your favorite décor elements for Indian weddings?

Jasleen: There are so many, but if I had to pick, I’d say:

-Silk sarees! I love to make cushions out of them, or even use them as mandap drapes.

-Using Indian brass urlis, deepika lamps and brass bells.

-South Indian flowers like the Madurai jasmine and the Chennai kanakambaram are my absolute favorite to decorate with.

-Indian art can be incorporated beautifully as well – such as Tanjore art or Pichwai paintings.

-Indian folk art is great for mehendis! I love using local artisan works to decorate these events, along with clay toys.

-For haldis, I love using martabans and even kachi haldi to add character to the event.

-For a classically beautiful look, I’m inspired by the Mughal and Rajput era. Jaali work does wonders at a wedding or even a sangeet.

-And lastly, the Indian desi gulab and the lotus are both so fragrant and perfect for an Indian wedding. They’re bright, yet subtle and I find them to be absolutely fantastic to decorate with!

Pic Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

We hope Jasleen inspired you to dream something magical for your wedding! Find and Book Bougainvilla Designs for your celebrations right here! Or drop us a line and we’ll get it sorted for you!


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